Learning about micro-scale, big scale & international scale helps! Lots of small started projects!

I already have a background of being a GP. I have already tried examples of adult integrated health care which are useful examples. I have previously attempted integrated healthcare in paeds by means of GPSI (GP with specialist interest) clinics. I looked into examples of which other countries are doing it and evidence as to whether integrated care models work (they do – well at least in adults). I tried some of my own examples – but generally managed to find a good idea and then not implement it! I started with helping to assess children with autistic spectrum disorder in the emergency department and implement communication tools, teaching and toys. I then tried to approach care for children seeking asylum – particularly teaching about sexual health but also looking at whether their care can be done more together. However this stopped too. I then looked at PICU and whether PICU can do home visits with GPs in long term ventilated children to make them feel more at ease with home visits but again moved before this could be implemented.

Top Tips to Share

  • Try to start early in a placement
  • Do try to convince your educational supervisor this is worth taking study leave for and try to use it!
  • Do not try to change things you can’t – if things are blocked at consultant or higher management level then try to change things at your peril!
  • Do look at fundraising and grants
  • Do look into why this is useful and what sort of things have worked previously.

If I could do it all again…

I would try to base a project in one location and be firm when I started a new placement about needing study leave for that particular project i.e. PICH.