My PICH journey so far

I started PICH with the idea of expanding on a project I had previously been involved with (along with Sarah Burkitt, another PICH participant) on improving care for children with autism in the A+E environment.

We looked at ways to develop this idea in the community and approached a local parent-run group to attend their sessions, and talk to parents of children with autism about the issues they faced in the community and where they would like to see improvements. Although initial contact was positive, we struggled to progress any further. We decided to park this idea for now, but it may be something to try afresh in the future!

My next idea is to develop a smartphone app providing information and guidance for GP trainees and junior paediatric trainees doing newborn baby checks – the aim is to include an examination structure, and resources/information on what to do if an abnormality is flagged up. Feedback from Paediatric and GP trainees has so far been positive and this is something I will look in to developing over my maternity leave (with the added bonus of having a husband that knows computer coding!). This could be tied in with teaching sessions based in GP practices and at Paediatric induction sessions in the future.

I have also taken part in Learning Together clinics which as a Paediatric trainee have been eye opening, not only regarding the sort of problems patients and their families present to the GP with, but also the vast resources of information GPs have access to about the family unit.

Top Tips to Share

Make the most out of attending the evening sessions – I have been introduced to so many new concepts and ideas around integrated care and have realised there are so small but important ways to improve patient care at a local level.

Don’t worry about starting a project too early – you will need to attend afew sessions to give you some inspiration – and don’t be afraid to let go of a project that isn’t working and start again with a new idea.

If I could do it all again…

During my PICH year I have been working on tertiary NICU and PICU and while I was inspired by the evening sessions, I found opportunities for developing ‘integrated care’ that linked with primary care were actually quite limited.

I am now starting a year of maternity leave and when I return to work I will continue my PICH journey and use the key concepts discussed at the evening seminars to develop a QIP that links local Paediatric services with the community and GP practices.